1. Building and Office Yard Maintenance

The work performed under Office Building Maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning and mopping the floor for at least 3(three) times a day
  • Cleaning and wiping of all tools/office equipment for at least once every work day
  • Cleaning and wiping of all the windows, walls, curtains, ceiling, and lampshades for at least once a day
  • Cleaning the restroom & WC for at least 3(three) times a day and adding carbolic pills and air fresheners until restroom is clean and fragrant
  • Cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner and dry cleaning and cleaning carpet stains
  • Freshen the room with deodorizer
  • Operating the lights and air conditioner everyday from 07.30 to 18.00

Office Yard Maintenance work includes:

  • Cleaning and maintaining the plants and the grass along with the entire yard
  • Mow the lawn and shave the trees for at least once a week
  • Taking care of the plants, which include: cleaning, shaving, watering, fertilizing, pest control, etc
  • Procurement of trash bins (3 types)
  1. Office Administration staff
  • Document/mail delivery
  • Document/mail data entry to mail management application
  • Real time data/mail documentation
  • Copy and binder documents/papers
  • Operate and maintain telephones